Telkom set to freeze the network this festive season


Telkom has revealed that it will be implementing network freeze as so to meet the demand for mobile data traffic over this festive.

Talking to MyBroadband, the company said it will need to roll out additional infrastructure to meet demand in certain areas and it will continue with its regular freeze of network expansion over the holidays. “Over the festive season Telkom implements a network freeze except for fault repairs.” – the company said.

Telkom said it does not anticipate any significant increase in mobile data demand across the country, but certain holiday destinations may see increased demand. “We don’t see any significant increase nationally however we do expect spikes in the coastal areas as people go on holiday,” Telkom said.

Adding to everything, it said that it has already upgraded its network to meet demand over the national lockdown, and these improvements will be more than sufficient to meet a potential spike in data usage. “Our network is ready for the increased demand largely due to the network upgrades we did during the lockdown period.”

Network freeze

Telkom’s network freeze means that it will halt any expansion of mobile infrastructure over the festive period, although it will continue to maintain its base stations and cellular hardware.

“Our teams will be on standby during the festive season to ensure our customers have a good network experience,” Telkom said.

Fault repairs will continue to be conducted to ensure that connectivity remains uninterrupted.

It should be noted that Telkom was also been provided with temporary spectrum to accommodate the surge in mobile data traffic over the lockdown, and it continues to use this spectrum to deliver improved network performance.

A potential consequence of a network freeze may mean that new applications for migrations, shortcode issuances, and other administration processes will be delayed until January 2021.

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