WhatsApp gets Android to iOS switch feature


Meta-owned WhatsApp is adding the ability to transfer chat data from Android to iOS, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp data that can be transferred will include chat history, photos, videos, and voice messages, and Zuckerberg said end-to-end encryption would be maintained throughout the process.

“We’re adding to WhatsApp the ability to securely switch between phones and transfer your chat history, photos, videos, and voice messages between Android and iPhone while maintaining end-to-end encryption,” he said.

The messaging platform launched the feature to transfer data from iOS to Android in 2021 and will now allow users moving from an Android to an iOS device to do the same.

“This is a top requested feature,” Zuckerberg stated.

“We launched the ability to switch from iPhone → Android last year, and now adding Android → iPhone as well.”

WhatsApp began testing the feature in a beta version of the software in January 2022, but it was limited to new Samsung and Google Pixel devices at the time.

It promised that the feature would be made available to all Android 12 devices in the “coming months”, and it appears that time has now come.

However, it is not clear whether older versions of the Android operating system will support the feature.

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