WATCH: 15 iPhone features you didn’t know existed – Apple SECRETS!


Everyone has a great love for gadgets, but even more, everyone likes to dig into them, looking for all sorts of tricks that lie not on the surface. Some are insanely useful, others are occasionally handy, and still, others are just fun.

As a lifelong iPhone user, I figured decades of using my phone every day meant I knew every little secret my favorite tech had to offer me. But I realized recently that while I can swipe through Safari with ease, and expertly navigate the Apple app store, there were a plethora of other incredible iPhones features and tools I was missing out on.

After all, most of us don’t really have time to learn EVERYTHING our amazing little devices can do…

Which is exactly why I decided to dig up these secret iPhone capabilities and Apple easter eggs to share with you! I thought I knew my phone backwards and forwards, but this list includes hidden iPhone features that I’d never even heard of before. Check it out!

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