Unitel announces the landing of the Northern Submarine Cable in Cabinda, Angola


The aim was connectivity with Unitel’s national fibre optic network to allow the supply of mobile or fixed high speed telecommunications services with Cabinda province and an improvement of internet access services, domestic and international business communications.

It was a system designed, with enough capacity to provide services to other telecommunications and internet access operators, national and governmental security systems, military and others.

The project includes the possibility of providing high capacity fibre optic services to several oil platforms.

José Safeca, Director and Deputy Director General for the technical area, Unitel
With the arrival of the undersea cable in Cabinda, telecommunications would see substantial improvements and would allow for more quality internet and mobile phone services in the region.

The Government will continue to collaborate with Unitel so that its projects bring development to the whole province and that the communication signal arrives in perfect conditions throughout the province.

Guilherme Pereira, Deputy Governor for the Technical Sector and Infrastructures, Cabinda

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