Techserve to increase e-waste collection drive in the MENA


IT services and support company Techserve, has revealed that it’s stepping up efforts in collecting electronics waste in the MENA. The move, said the company, is part of a broader initiative to promote electronics recycling and safe disposal of e-waste in the MENA.

The company has stated that it will drive the initiative through the channel and at end-user level. To this end, Techserve has revealed that it has a dealer network of about 140 channel partners around the country that will help the company push this scheme forward.

Rajagopal S, general manager, Techserve, said the initiative is in support of the IT industry’s broader regional goal of reducing carbon footprint of IT and electronic products in the MENA and the Middle East. Rajagopal added that the company will use its seven service centres around the country as collection points including the recently launched Panasonic eco Customer Care Centre in Deira. He added that Techserve will also utilise Al-Futtaim’s Plug-Ins Electronix retail stores as drop off centres for e-waste and products earmarked for recycling.

He pointed out that Techserve has been certified by the Dubai Municipality to collect e-waste and handover such waste for recycling purposes or safe disposal. “We have decided to get involved with this initiative because it augurs well with Al-Futtaim Group’s ‘green’ agenda in the region. As an IT services and support company that has partnerships with several multinational brands, we have a role to play in promoting green innovations in the channel and end-user level,” he said.

Rajagopal explained that although the company has not yet rolled out any awareness campaigns around green innovations, it’s relying on word of mouth to spread the message about this plan. “We have also started incentivising people by giving them small discounts for their next new electronic product purchase just for bringing in  e-waste. We are hoping to expand this as a way of encouraging more people and businesses to participate. We are also in talks with several other vendors whose products we service or support,” he said.

He added that part of the strategy going forward will be to increase the incentives to both businesses and consumers that bring their products to collection centres for safe disposal.

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