iOS 14 has finally landed, and this is what you need to know


The iOS 14 has been launched and an update has rolled out globally for everyone on Wednesday. A list of compatible iPhone devices have been included below. Basically, if you have iOS13, you’d be able to install iOS 14.

The new iOS 14 update will be available to download as an over-the-air update for the following devices:

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone SE (1st generation)

iPhone SE (2nd generation)

iPod touch (7th generation)

Word of vigilance: charge your phone before updating and make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi connection. The iOS 14 update is bigger than 4GB and you don’t want to lose all your data.

Installing iOS 14 is easy. Simple Open the Settings app and select General. Then select Software Update.

Next, select Software Update. Once you’ve selected it, your iPhone will automatically connect Apple servers. You’ll get a prompt informing you that the new update is ready to download.

Follow the instructions to download iOS 14 and let the device reboot automatically. Once it starts up again, it will be running on iOS 14 and Bob’s your mother’s brother. Easy.

The iOS 14 developer preview was released approximately three months ago in beta. iOS has reportedly received a few massive updates, such as a makeover for Siri. It’s about time, too.

The Home screen received a makeover too and will now include the App Library to keep all your apps in one place. It was announced at the 2020 WWDC that Widgets would be available in different shapes and sizes.

The entire widgets ecosystem was redesigned to give you more info at a glance and can now be grouped on the home screen with various different size and layout customisation options.

Messages app has been refreshed; you can now pin messages to the top, and your Group messaging experience will be changer for the better as well. There will also be inline replies, similar to those reply threads on Facebook posts.

That means you’d be able to reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. You can view replies in the full conversation or as their own thread for a more focused view.

Calls from your iPhone, FaceTime and third-party apps display in an all-new compact design. The new design won’t take up the entire screen.

Main Image: Apple

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