Glo launches cloud services


Nigeria-headquartered teleco giant, Globacom, has introduced Glo Cloud, a personal full quality storage application which enables customers to easily back up their digital life or activities including photos, videos, music and documents.

Globacom said in a statement that the app is provisioned to assist Glo data users to safely and privately store, back up automatically, retrieve and share their digital content from their cloud account.

Similarly, Glo Cloud users can store their digital contents to the size of their subscriptions. “For instance, if a customer subscribed for 50GB, he or she will be able to store up to 50GB of content”, Glo stated.

“We are in a digital age where people develop loads and loads of personal, social and business content which they wish to store and retrieve whenever and wherever they want. Glo Cloud provides a safe and secure place to store such content. Apart from the problem of having enough storage space on phones or laptops, the Glo Cloud customer is assured of the safety of his documents or contents if he loses his phone or computer”, the company explained.According to the telecommunications giant, customers can download the Glo Cloud application from Google Play or Apple store by searching application “Glo Cloud”. Once download is successfully completed, the customer can then subscribe to the required pack by registering for the service.

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