Samsung launches 1,000-inch 16K TV


Samsung has released the 2021 version of its “The Wall” display, which can scale up to a massive 1,000-inch screen with a 16K resolution.

The South Korean tech giant unveiled its first version of The Wall at CES in 2018, showcasing a unique modular design that allows multiple smaller screens to be snapped together to increase the overall panel size based on the customers’ specific needs.

The 2019 panels could be combined to provide up to a 292-inch display with an 8K resolution, effectively making for the largest TV on the market.

The 2021 iteration — with the model name IWA — more than triples that size and offers a range of display and design improvements.

The Wall is primarily designed for use in commercial, retail, and business environments where displays larger than conventional TVs may be required.

While conventional LED video walls provide a pleasant viewing experience from afar, the individual LED lights and gaps between screens can be seen when viewed up close. Colour calibration between screens may also be problematic.

Because it uses Samsung’s MicroLED technology with bezel-less sides, with direct connectivity to synchronise settings, there are no blatantly visible lines, nor colour or image discrepancies on The Wall.

An illustration of Samsung’s The Wall displays in a grid.
Wireless docking connections on the side of the displays link them together.

While Samsung did not specify the exact resolution or size of individual panels in its latest version, it noted the 8K configuration is the industry’s first with a 120Hz refresh rate and Simple 8K playback.

It can also be configured horizontally for up to 16K resolution with a 15,360 x 2,160-pixel arrangement — an ultra-wide setup that should have gamers drooling.

A new Micro AI processor uses up to 16 different neural network models to upscale picture quality up to 8K resolution.

Feature-wise, the new display also offers Micro HDR and Micro Motion, featuring 20-bit processing to deliver consistent picture quality across commercial environments.

The MicroLEDs used to produce images are now up to 40% smaller, increasing the pure black space between pixels for enhanced colour uniformity and higher picture contrast.

The display boasts 1,600 nits peak brightness and is blanketed with Samsung’s Black Seal Technology for further improved black levels.

It also includes support for four picture-by-picture screens (PBP), allowing for four different content sources, all of which can be displayed simultaneously in 4K resolution.

On the design side, the new model offers wireless docking connections, which make the display half as thick as its predecessor.

This allows it to be installed more easily in various positions, including concave, convex, ceiling, hanging, inclined and L-type setups.

Samsung provided several use-cases for The Wall, including applications in automotive showrooms, corporate lobbies or boardrooms, security control centres, and even as a replacement for green screens in studios.

Samsung said the 2021 The Wall is now available to order in select markets around the world but did not specify which countries exactly.

MyBroadband contacted Samsung South Africa for details on local pricing and availability but did not immediately receive feedback.

Below are images showing Samsung’s The Wall display in a lobby area.

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