VDI solutions improve support for remote workers


Recent world events leading into 2020 have reinforced many of your customers’ needs for more flexible computing options for their remote workers. Organisations around the world have been taking the necessary steps to support a distributed workforce for an indefinite future. Many organisations that had previously implemented virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions found themselves better prepared to support their workers remotely. Those that have not yet implemented VDI should now give it proper consideration.

Last quarter, Scale Computing, in cooperation with Leostream, introduced a work-from-home strategy using some VDI solution components that allowed IT administrators to quickly react to the immediate need to connect users remotely to their existing corporate workstations. Many of those who adopted that strategy are now taking a step back to look more strategically at how they may best support work-from-home employees in the future.

A full VDI solution done correctly requires forethought and planning. Now that most organisations have met their immediate needs in providing remote work options for employees, a closer look at VDI can be taken. Scale Computing is here to help. We have partnered with Leostream to provide VDI solutions to organisations of all sizes. Our experts are ready to help you understand how VDI can be deployed successfully and at a lower cost for nearly any size organisation.

To help ease the transition from traditional desktop solutions to VDI, Scale Computing is currently offering a free hyperconverged infrastructure appliance with the purchase of three appliances of equal or greater value. This offer allows organisations to acquire a powerful, highly available, easy to deploy and easy to manage infrastructure for their VDI solution. In addition, Scale Computing is offering Leostream VDI licenses at a 25% discount on top of the free appliance offer. Our partners are welcome to make this same offer of a free appliance and the 25% discount on Leostream VDI licenses.

We believe lowering the acquisition cost of our VDI solution will make it easier for organisations to make the decision to adopt a VDI solution, but the real value is far beyond the discount we are currently offering. Our HC3 infrastructure solution lowers the total cost of the solution compared to competing virtualisation technologies by being easier to deploy, easier to manage and easier to scale out when needed.

VDI solutions have traditionally been complex to deploy and manage because of the underlying infrastructure required. Scale Computing HC3 simply makes it easier and more accessible for organisations of all sizes.

Not only can VDI on HC3 make remote working easier, but it can enhance data security by keeping sensitive data within the corporate network and not exposing the corporate network to employees’ private networks through VPN connections.

BYOD support can provide flexible options for workers on the devices of their choice while maintaining data security for their desktop workloads.

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