The importance of torque wrenches in tight spaces


So often, an easy repair can become more complex when something doesn’t go as planned. A loose wire, a stripped screw, and a too tight bolt in a very inconvenient location can cause you to take more time to finish the job. These issues usually only come to light just as you are finding your way around the machine and making strides in the repairs. Bolts are known to cause problems. When it comes to a difficult bolt, in a difficult location using the correct equipment will save you time and help get the job done correctly. A torque wrench makes these inconvenient bolts easier to handle, and simply a part of the repair.   

Torque wrenches are a necessity when it comes to any installation or repair of machine or infrastructure. Available in various designs and sizes to suit to the variety of jobs and businesses in which it is needed, torque wrenches can be used in industries such as auto repairs, mining and infrastructure. With regards to bolts in tight spaces, either removing or tightening, torque wrenches get the job done, further ensuring that any other repairs needed afterwards will not be time consuming and will go according to plan.  

Torque wrenches are available as powered or hydraulic, with the latter using only hydraulics to ensure that torque generation occurs. Hydraulic wrenches offer self-ratcheting abilities, and an accurate method of ensuring that the correct torque is used. The wrench can be calibrated to the correct torque for the specific bolt in question.  

A quality wrench ensures that the job is done to the correct specifications without any further delays. Power Team’s range of hydraulic wrenches offer around a 3% accuracy which can be repeated at every use. Due to these benefits they are well suited to jobs where large bolts are used and where there is a need for a high degree of accuracy.  The range has a corrosion-resistant finish which allows it to be used in harsh environments and for large structural applications, and the design features ensure operator safety, as well as the longevity of the tool.

Other benefits of Power Team’s torque wrench range include:

  • Consistent and accurate torque output
  • Torque ranges to suit application specific requirements
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Compact nose radius
  • Compact frame
  • Rigid body construction
  • Fast operating cycles

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