Uber launches a more affordable trip option for Joburg and Cape Town, UberNam


The freight transportation company, Uber has revealed that it is launching a more affordable ride option for Johannesburg and Cape Town that has trips starting from as little as R19, UberNam.

Uber announced that the new option is currently under testing, which will feature rides from drivers with hatchback cars. These cars are considered more affordable to maintain and run. UberNam appears in the main app as a trip option, alongside other options such as UberX, Uber Black, and UberVAN. However, whether this becomes a permanent option that rolls out to more areas will depend on its success.

“We have the ability to look at the economics in each city and pilot a wide range of new products and features to provide the best possible service to South Africans,” Frans Hiemstra, Uber’s general manager for Sub Saharan Africa, said in a  statement.

“We use this approach when introducing something new to ensure the marketplace remains healthy and balanced. For example, we have launched similar low-cost solutions in other markets like Kenya — two years later, it has helped grow the market and helped provide consumers more choice.”

Pilot testing of UberNam limits these trips to specific areas with Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town.

Main Image: Uber

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