“No mask. No ride.”: Uber introduces mask verification


One of the world’s biggest transporting services, Uber is making it clear that if you do not wear your mask, then you get no ride and they are introducing a mask verification.

The Uber Mask Verification tool requires passengers who have been reported to have not worn a mask during rides to take a photo of themselves wearing a mask to resume using the Uber platform.

The app requires its drivers and Uber Eats delivery people to wear masks, and it allows passengers or customers to report if their driver or delivery person was not wearing a mask. Now the same requirement has been placed on passengers, and passengers will now be required to take a selfie with a mask on before they can use the app.

If a passenger in South Africa is reported by a driver for not wearing a mask, they will need to take a selfie using the app’s mask verification tool before they can take another trip. The mask verification tool detects whether a mask is within the frame of the portrait and allows access to Uber if this is the case.

“Masks are mandatory for riders and drivers, and both of you can leave feedback if the other isn’t wearing one,” Uber said in an email to its South African users.

“If we receive feedback about anyone consistently violating our mask policy, they will be blocked from the Uber app.”

Uber said that the mask verification tool for riders is the same one it uses for its drivers, adding that the technology detects the mask as an object in the photo and does not process biometric information.

“As always, riders and drivers are free to cancel a trip, without penalty, if the other person isn’t wearing a mask. As more and more riders and drivers take their ‘second first trip’, we hope this increased accountability provides more peace of mind.” Uber said.

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