Street cameras rolling out across Gauteng, initiated by Fidelity and Vumacam


One of South Africa’s home and commercial security companies in partnership with Vumacam, Fidelity has revealed that it is rolling out an extensive surveillance camera system across Gauteng.

Vumacam cameras are connected via the Vumacam network and monitor streets across the province to aid in security and crime prevention. “Vumacam cameras are fibre-connected to Vumacam’s advanced Teraco Tier-4 datacentre and the feed is streamed in real-time to the Fidelity command and control centre where it is stored securely for 30 days,” said Fidelity Services Group CEO Wahl Bartmann.

“The Vumacam infrastructure ensures world-class technology and data privacy which allows us to manage footage responsibly and better integrate analytics on flagged crime incidents across all Vumacam cameras nationally. We believe that Vumacam’s infrastructure and technology will enable Fidelity to deliver an optimal service to our customers,” he said.

The initial project saw the Bassonia, Glenvista, Mulbarton, and Glenanda areas benefit from 27 strategically positioned poles with 27 License Plate recognition (LPR) cameras and 54 overview cameras, My Broadband reported.

“By the end of December, we will have rolled out 1,400 LPR’s across Gauteng,” Bartmann said. He added by saying that the expanded partnership is part of a contracted solution to residential communities and commercial customers – including businesses, smallholdings, estates, and shopping malls.

The increased coverage will support Fidelity’s broader crime prevention efforts, with the company noting an increase in crime as the catalyst for many customers becoming more interested in security solutions. “The increase in crime has prompted many residents to take a more proactive stance regarding their local security requirements,” Bartmann added.

Main Image: Mail&Guardian

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