The three most in-demand job skills in SA at the moment


Research by CareerJunction shows that the following occupational fields are currently the most in sought-after skill sets in the job market:

  • Software Development: Software engineers and developers are facing great employment prospects in the local job market. Year on year, demand for software development skills increased by 18%.
  • Middle /Department Management: Managerial skills remain highly demanded. Since January, hiring activity for middle and department managers has increased by 10%.
  • Representative/Sales Consulting: Despite a decline in recruitment activity for sales consultants and sales representatives recently, sales skills remain highly demanded. Year on year, demand for sales consultants increased by 15%.

CareerJunction said that the following trending jobs indicate positions that have become more popular in the online job market and have seen a recent spike in demand.

Top trending jobs in SA now: 

  • ArchitectureAverage salary offerings for intermediate level positions:GP: R 45,938 to R 56,574 p.m. (CTC)WC: R 41,000 to R 48,571 p.m. (CTC)KZN: R 38,750 to R 48,333 p.m. (CTC)
  • Executive Management / DirectorAverage salary offerings for an executive level position:GP: R 70,050 to R 85,609 p.m. (CTC)WC: Not enough information available.KZN: Not enough information available.
  • Civil / Structural EngineeringAverage salary offerings for an intermediate level position:GP: R 34,508 to R 45,000 p.m. (CTC)WC: R 32,812 to R 44,881 p.m. (CTC)KZN: There is not enough information available.

The group’s index (CJI) settled at 102 index points, indicating a small increase in job opportunities and therefore slightly less competition in the jobseeker space.

The CJI represents online labour dynamics in SA by providing a detailed analysis of relative ratio of supply and demand in the online job market.

It is based on analysis of data gathered from CareerJunction – where around 3,000 of top recruiters in SA advertise their positions to millions of registered job seekers.

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