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4 October 2021, Johannesburg – Low-cost carrier FlySafair has done a lot to change the domestic air travel landscape in South Africa, and it’s set to do it all again with the launch of its subscription programme: the FlyMore Club. By joining this club, members will receive an allocation of flights to use each month – effectively offering regular travellers a fixed low price.

“Customers have been asking us for a way to reward regular travellers for a while and the traditional models just don’t work, especially not in the low-cost environment. We feel confident that we’ve innovated a unique solution here that customers will love,” says Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair.

Members sign up to the club for a minimum of twelve months. Three packages are available that offer customers different monthly flight allocations:

  • R800pm for either two one-way flights, or one return trip a month
  • R2 400pm for either six one-way flights, or three return trips a month
  • R4 000pm for either ten one-way lights, or five return trips a month

Members then redeem their monthly flights on the FlySafair website and only pay airport taxes when booking.

“This means that we are effectively able to offer members something like a ‘flight-hailing’ service at a cost saving of up to 84%* per flight. Given that the flight allocation is already awarded, users can literally book their seats on the way to the airport, which means avoiding all the complexities of change fees and fare difference charges.”

FlySafair has been disrupting the local air travel market since it launched in 2014 with super low airfares and an unbundled product offering, giving customers the choice to save by opting out of checked luggage. The innovation continued when they were the first to launch priority boarding, mobile check-in agents, and WhatsApp boarding passes and customer support.

“We recognise that the customer experience is central to our success and while we’ve always focused on the basics, like being on time, it’s also key that we keep innovating to improve the air travel experience for our customers.”

FlyMore Club members are required to use their monthly flight allocation for travel within the month it is allocated and flights can be booked on any of FlySafair’s 26 domestic routes.

“We see FlyMore appealing to a number of customers including regular commuters, business travellers, people with holiday homes, folks in long-distance relationships and even children with separated parents.”

“The pandemic has taught us that we need to be resilient, but as we recover, we also need to seek out new ways to be innovative and remain competitive,” says Gordon. “During the last year we’ve launched our app, all-inclusive holidays and now the FlyMore Club. And we will continue to identify and explore opportunities that best serve our customers and crew.”

To find out more, visit FlySafair’s FlyMore Club website.

*Percentage saving is based on FlySafair’s highest airfare class.

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