The US to allow vaccinated South Africans


The United States of America has committed to lifting the travel ban imposed on South Africans by November but only citizens who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus will be allowed to enter the country. The US government had initiated travel ban restrictions on a number of countries over a year ago and has announced that some of the countries who were previously banned from travelling to the country will now be allowed to enter the US. South Africa is among a few countries that will soon be allowed to travel to the United States of America The US says it will only allow travellers that have received all their Covid 19 jabs to enter the country Travellers will be mandated to also produce a negative Covid test and will be required to quarantine after arrival

Countries that have now been removed from the US’s travel ban list include India, Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland, the UK as well as 26 European countries, according to a report by Fin24. People who seek to go to the US will have to undergo a Covid 19 test 72 hours before leaving their home country for the US and said the test should produce negative results. Travellers will need to be in quarantine for 10 days on arrival in the US.

White House Covid 19 response coordinator Jeff Zients told the media on Monday that decision to forego the previous travel restriction rules is based on the knowledge that Covid 19 vaccines have been proven to be effective against the Delta variant, according to a report Business Tech. READ ALSO Government gives Basic Income Grant the greenlight despite push back Zients also reassured American citizens that the White House was using all the tools available to them to protect Americans against the coronavirus while ensuring that international travel can be done safely. The White House is yet to announce the exact date the travel ban will be lifted.

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