Shoprite to launch new division to support local businesses in SA


The Shoprite Group has released Shoprite Next Capital – a brand new commercial enterprise department committed to capacitating and developing commercially-feasible small businesses. This forms a part of the organization`s persisted efforts to provide small providers get right of entry to to its purchaser marketplace. As drivers of growth, job creation and innovation, SMMEs are essential to the healing of the South African economy, and Shoprite Next Capital is the formalisation of the important thing position the Group performs withinside the achievement of SMMEs through the way of means of giving them right of entry to its purchaser marketplace, stated Maude Modise, general supervisor for company and supplier development of the organization.

“With Shoprite Next Capital our aim is to further enhance the participation of small and emerging suppliers in our business. Our focus will be on their specific needs and how best we can assist them,” she said.

“This new division will provide SMMEs with easier entry into the group’s retail market with direct access to buyers that understand their needs combined with personalised growth plans that will assist suppliers to scale up gradually.”

Modise introduced that the organization goals to construct sustainable relationships to develop, capacitate, maintain and develop small, South African businesses, create jobs and increase the localisation of goods.

“Shoprite Next Capital will operate as a one-stop-shop for SMME partners by providing marketing opportunities, working capital assistance, packaging and labelling support, data sharing, product range and geographic expansion, as well as possible private label partnerships.

“The group has always partnered with small suppliers, but now we are giving them additional focus and allocating dedicated buyers, essentially creating a separate value chain to the bigger supply chain system,” she said.

By Palesa Bacwadi

Main Image: Shoprite Holdings

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