Keep your business organized with these seven free apps


Fortunately, there are resources available to assist you. Small companies may benefit from company organisation applications that keep them organised and profitable.


If you operate at home without the luxury of a workplace, commute for work, or manage various duties, running a business requires managing several activities on the run.

Although some applications are repetitive or interfere with duties that you would like to delegate to an employee, others allow you to perform financial updates through various platforms or monitoring products as it ships. From project management apps that will enable a virtual team of workers to function without an office to collaboration apps that help you stay on track, business apps will increase performance while decreasing costs.


  • Liveplan

To get the company off to a good start, build a personalized business strategy using the business organization software LivePlan. With a few simple queries, the software will guide you through the process of creating your schedule, including your cash flow estimates. If developed, you may modify it if necessary to accommodate new sales, funding, or product sources.

  • CamScanner

In business, you often need to sign papers or submit documentation by email. CamScanner converts the mobile camera into a printer, saving, emailing, and printing PDF or JPG files wirelessly. After you take a photo of the document to be scanned, the software eliminates any background, changes the angle and tilt, corrects any brightness or color problems, and generates a high-resolution final document.

  • Good Order Inventory

If you market tangible items, the inventory tracking app Goods Order Inventory can assist you in managing your stock, as well as orders, invoices, purchases, positions, vendors, customers, balance sheets, and shipments. The Goods Order Inventory module comes equipped with a barcode scanner and a variety of monitoring options. It combines with a range of accounting software as well as famous e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon.

  • Gusto

Payroll management for the workers is made more accessible with an app like Gusto. Gusto, which QuickBooks developed to align with its accounting tools, enables you to handle payroll, enforcement, sick days, personal time, and other benefits in a centralised location. Additionally, it allows you to measure and submit federal and state payroll taxes.

  • GetLua

This website can assist you with converting PDF to Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, PPT, and HTML files, as well as cloud-based JPG, DOC, and PPT to PDF conversion. In industry, we use various file extensions and often need output in a variety of formats. This website will make it simple for us to migrate to our required extensions.

  • Proven

When it comes to recruiting potential hires, Proven simplifies the method of producing and sharing work advertisements. Build a job posting for the open role using the app. You can then post directly to career sites such as ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Monster from Proven. Then, you may consolidate all of your applications in one location and answer directly to candidates through the app.

  • Moment

Most small business owners struggle with time management, even more so now that smartphones have an infinite supply of distractions. The moment will help you increase your efficiency by tracking your phone use and providing a clear picture of how you spend your day. Additionally, this efficiency tool will help you manage your phone use by establishing regular limitations and notifying you when you exceed them.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite enables you to manage your social network marketing. It integrates with over 35 social networking sites and allows you to plan hundreds of messages simultaneously. Compared to several other social network management applications, it also has robust analytics and monitoring tools for tracking the success of the promotions.

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