Jeff Bezos to invest in start-up aiming to reverse ageing


Jeff Bezos Reportedly Invests in Start-up Aiming to Reverse Ageing, He reportedly invested in a company researching how to reverse biological ageing. The company, according to MIT Tech Review, Altos Labs, is working on biological reprogramming technology to essentially prolong human life, A Russian-born billionaire tech investor, Yuri Milner, and his wife, Julia, have also invested in the company, according to the report. Milner, known for investing in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb, according to Forbes estimates. It seems the elusive fountain of youth could finally be found, given the substantial financial investments being directed towards extending human life.

The publication reported that Altos is the brainchild of Russian tycoon Yuri Milner, who made part of his fortune through Facebook. Milner reportedly met with scientists in 2020 during a two-day conference at his palatial home in California on how biotechnology might be used to make people younger.

According to Forbes, Bezos, who is 57 years old, currently ranks as the richest man in the world, the company reportedly has other wealthy investors. Bezos, who has a 10% stake in retail giant Amazon and owns a space exploration company Blue Origin, reportedly has a long-standing interest in longevity research. Altos is pursuing a biological reprogramming technology to rejuvenate cells and ultimately prolong human life. Given the financial backing the company has received, extending human life may no longer be a creation of science fiction movies.

It was reported that MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Bezos, teamed up with Melinda Gates to give to charity. Once married to the richest men in the world, the two ladies donated over R571 million to organisations pushing for gender equality. The duo announced the donation together, with Scott saying those fighting for gender equality are not alone. “The awardees are strong teams working on the front lines to help women build power in their lives and careers. And best of all, they’re not alone,” Scott said.

Scott divorced Jeff Bezos in 2019, while Melinda and Bill Gates’s divorce was finalised in August 2021.

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