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Capitec bank has revealed the launch of “Scan to Pay” QR code payment option in the latest banking app.

Capitec said this is the only Scan to Pay offering from a South African bank that can be used across all major QR code-based payment providers, including SnapScan and Zapper. According to the statement released by the bank, this new addition was fast-tracked during the pandemic, as it allows clients to pay without touching any surface other than their own phone.

Payments can be made at till points, restaurants, for parking, and for online shopping as vendors across the country adopt the technology. Capitec said the Masterpass app allowed users to pay on SnapScan and Zapper until recently, but these brands have since decided to end their agreement with Mastercard, limiting interoperability.

“The new Capitec app solves this by allowing interoperability across all major payment platforms so you do not need any additional apps for QR payments anymore,” Capitec said.

Capitec Marketing and Communications Executive Francois Viviers said this Scan to Pay launch is part of the bank’s continued drive for simplicity. “We’re offering our clients a simplified payment process that doesn’t require switching between apps based on the payment provider the vendor has selected,” Viviers said.

“Once loaded under favourites on our banking app, clients can simply tap ‘scan to pay’, scan the QR code and then safely confirm the purchase with either their fingerprint or banking PIN, regardless of the payment provider.”

It is said that Capitec has seen a surge in QR code-based payments locally, with more vendors making it available and increasingly more people using it. “We believe this will become the preferred way to pay for most clients and businesses as it will be used to pay accounts, invoices or people directly in the near future.”

Capitec has also recently added a number of other features to its mobile banking app, including the following:

A new virtual debit card

Easy Equities integration

Free in-app transaction notifications

Capitec clients can find out more about Scan to Pay on the official website.

Main Image: Capitec Bank

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