Thousands of Capitec clients wake up to unauthorised deductions


A technical glitch has lead to thousands of Capitec clients waking up on Friday morning to find additional deductions from their accounts without their consent.

Messages and photos have been posted on social media platforms this morning of people complaining about money being taken without their approval.

Capitec said that it was still trying to establish how a retailer using another bank managed to deduct transactions from Capitec account holders twice.

Spokesperson Charl Nel said that they were in the process of reversing the double withdrawal and cardholders would be reimbursed within 24 hours.

“This transaction process, something went wrong technically. That bank requested the money two times. Some clients will see on their account a double deduction. Our IT team and that other bank’s IT team are working together to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Main Image: DailyMaverick

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