Barclays Bank Zambia PLC rebrands to Absa Bank Zambia PLC


Barclays Bank Zambia PLC has completed the legal name change to Absa Bank Zambia PLC.

The change has seen one of Zambia’s top commercial banks fully rebrand and adopt the Absa name across all its 70 branches in Zambia.

Absa Bank Zambia PLC is part of South Africa-based Absa Group Limited, a proudly African banking group with a presence across 12 countries and an international office in London and soon to be opened in New York.

The name change marks the start of a new era for the bank’s operations, one that sees the realisation of an ambition to become an independent African bank.

“Today we begin a new chapter as Absa Bank Zambia PLC adopting our parent company’s name and brand while retaining our indelible commitment to Zambia and its people. Our new brand is a commitment to Zambia and to the wider continent: Absa is a truly African bank, with global scalability and reach,” said Mizinga Melu, managing director of Absa Bank Zambia PLC.

The company, which has been operating in Zambia for over 100 years, reiterated its commitment to the country’s growth and economic development under the Absa brand.

Melu added that: “We have invested in crucial sectors of development of the national economy, including mining, energy, agriculture, public sector, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecoms, financial services, wholesale and trading.”

She added that the bank will continue to play a critical role by investing in these sectors without neglecting the ordinary citizen who seeks quality financial services and safe investments for their hard-earned money.

Absa Bank Zambia reiterated that there will be no change to customers’ account details following the rebranding and there will no fee changes associated with the name change. The Bank’s branches will continue to operate as usual.

The company added that from 10 February 2020, all new cards and cheque books will be issued under the Absa brand although Barclays branded cards will continue to work as normal until their date of expiry. “Customers can continue to use their Barclays branded cheque books until 31 August 2020. Thereafter, only cheques drawn on from an Absa branded cheque book will be accepted,” explained Melu.

“Customers are urged to be particularly vigilant during this time, as fraudsters are always looking for opportunities to obtain important personal information.”

Melu reaffirmed that the bank would remain a significant player in the banking and financial services sector in Zambia and a contributor to the country’s economy.

“As Absa, our ambition is to become a digitally-led bank that is centred around the ever-changing needs of customers. We believe we have a role to play and intend to leverage digital technology to expand reach and access of financial services but also provide affordable services,” she pointed out.

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